Building the case for Tre Jones to win the MIP award

San Antonio Spurs, Tre Jones
San Antonio Spurs, Tre Jones / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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With the San Antonio Spurs floundering in the standings as they race to the bottom, they are not included in any sort of NBA award talks. The MVP race is expectedly full of the best players in the league, and obviously, the Spurs don’t have any top-tier talent. In fact, the Spurs barely have any starting talent for the best teams in the league.

Going into the season, fans were invested in the point-Primo experiment, but after his rightfully being waived and blackballed by the NBA, Tre Jones has been running point night in and night out. He was not my pick to win the in-house Most Improved Player award (the George Mikan award), but after posting some impressive stat lines, his name should be thrown into the ring. 

Fan Duel gives Tre Jones +24000 odds to win the league’s MIP award, so your $10 bet could win you $2,400, which is a rather hefty payday. But would your faith be worth it in Jones? 

Vegas gives Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Lauri Markkanen, and Jalen Brunson the best chances to win the award, head and shoulders above Jones. But based on the rate of improvement, maybe Jones should be included in MIP talks.