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Josh Paredes, Associate Editor

Josh graduated from the University of Texas - San Antonio with a degree in Psychology in 2010 and has been an avid basketball and Spurs fan since 1997. He's been writing about the NBA since 2018 and has been covering the Spurs full-time since October 2021. Follow @Josh810 here.

Reign Amurao, Writer

Reign is a freelance photographer and videographer who loves the game of basketball. He's from Baguio City, Philippines. Follow BarbecueBro here.

Roberto Araiza, Writer

Roberto is a lifelong Spurs fan and Austin, TX native that recently graduated with a degree in Psychology from Texas State University in 2021. After briefly serving as an Air Alamo Site Expert, these days, he writes about cybersecurity during the day and Spurs basketball during his free time with a concentration on NBA Draft coverage.
Follow @raraiza21

Dylan Carter, Writer

Dylan is a freelance sportswriter from Brooklyn, New York. He recently graduated from ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a degree in Sports Journalism. He remains at Air Alamo after several years as Site-Expert and contributes for Hoops Habit. He's also the host of "Protecting the Paint with Dylan Hunter Carter," a sports and pop culture show available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Follow @DylanHCarter here.

Cal Durrett, Writer

Cal is a graduate of Stratford University and a writer specializing in Spurs content. He spends most of his free time honing his craft as a writer, enjoying music, TV and movies -- and, of course, watching basketball. Follow @crdurrett here.

Will Eudy, Writer

Will graduated from NC State University and covers the Spurs for Air Alamo. He is an avid Spurs fan and loves the game of basketball. When he's not watching hoops, you can find him at the gym, listening to music, or eating pizza. Follow @WillCEudy here.

Ethan Farina, Writer

Ethan grew up going to Spurs games with his dad. After moving away, he continued to be a fan of the team and joined Air Alamo in 2017. Follow @ethan_farina here.

Kyle Forson, Writer

Lifelong Spurs Fan. Waco Native. Did a stint in Atlanta. Once laced up a corner 3 ball on the Alamodome floor. Average golfer, exceptional outdoorsman, and baseball historian. Follow @PatKarl2 here.

Jonah Kubicek, Writer

Jonah is a Michigan native, Robert Horry apologist, and once came in 3rd place in a 7th grade basketball tournament! Follow @JonahKubicek here.

Nicolas Kyle Pring, Writer

Nicolas is the site expert for the Indiana Pacers at 8points9seconds.com but has also been an avid Spurs fan for years. Follow @PringKyle here.

Nic Yarbro, Writer

Nic graduated from UT Dallas in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Art in Game Design and Development and has been raised a die-hard Spurs fan since birth. He has been covering the Spurs since 2021 and is a host of the At The Line Podcast. Follow @NicYarbro here.


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