15 Times Coach Popovich Roasted Victims

Gregg Popovich
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Whether he retires soon or not, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has already created countless memories for fans to relive highlighted by five NBA championships.

On the flip side, he's probably also traumatized dozens of reporters, members of the press, and otherwise innocent people. Such is the Popovich experience -- if you come with an obvious question or even catch him on the wrong night with an answerable one, you might get roasted.

As a head coach that led his troops to postseason battles for over 20 straight years, the resulting stress undoubtedly often comes out in the form of sarcasm and snippy responses, and Popovich is already naturally sarcastic as it is.

As we enter what could be the final season or two of the winningest coach in NBA history, let's go back and remember some of Coach Popovich's greatest roasts off the court, which had to be whittled down quite a bit to get to 15.

San Antonio Spurs
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1. "How the f___ you like us now?"

Victim: Team USA haters

As Team USA looked to win their fourth consecutive gold medal at the 2020 Olympics, something strange happened. From Kendrick Perkins and Skip Bayless to a writer named Joe Vardon from The Athletic, there seemed to be a segment of Americans rooting for the team to fail.

A common thread among those three and others who questioned the United States' ability to get it done was a dislike of Coach Popovich. While you can find out more from this post that I published the night Team USA claimed gold, it wouldn't be hard to find several examples of all three coming after Pop throughout the tournament on your own.

Of course, Popovich ended up leading his guys to gold, shutting up all the haters first on the court and then off the court in the locker room:

San Antonio Spurs
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2. Coach Popovich uses Stephen Jackson's music video against him

Victim: Stephen Jackson

What Gregg Popovich has always done so brilliantly is be able to manage so many different personalities on his squad. Not everyone is going to be as easygoing as Tim Duncan, and Stephen Jackson was one of the biggest examples of a challenging temperament he had to deal with.

Still, even a furious Jackson couldn't stay mad when Popovich used a stroke of genius to settle him down while cracking everyone else up at practice.

"He puts on one of my rap videos. Everybody busted out laughing, dog."