Is Miles Bridges Worth His Massive Rumored Next Contract?

Miles Bridges
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The offseason is officially underway for the San Antonio Spurs, and it'll soon be time to start looking at the best available options to return to the NBA Playoffs.

Fortunately for the franchise and its fans, there will be plenty of avenues for the Spurs to explore in their pursuit of more talent. They'll have three 1st round picks to work with. They'll also have the Los Angeles Lakers' 2nd round pick, which fell at 38th, to use to take a flyer on a prospect or package in a trade.

Beyond the draft, the Spurs will also have substantial cap space at their disposal. According to ESPN's Bobby Marks, they officially enter the offseason with $14.5 million in cap space (subscription required) when you account for the $13.4 million hold for Lonnie Walker. If Walker moves on, that figure rockets to $27 million.

There are other ways the Spurs can increase that number even more, as Marks notes. Josh Richardson, Jakob Poeltl, and Romeo Langford are on expiring contracts that total $26 million, although Josh and Jakob probably won't be going anywhere. However much money they end up with, it's clear San Antonio will be in a position to pursue a big name in free agency if that's the route they'd like to take.

While many have noted the free agency class is relatively weak when compared to previous seasons, some standout names like Charlotte's Miles Bridges are worth taking a long look at. So let's do so.