Former players already have sky-high hopes for Wemby-Trae duo

Fans are not the only ones intrigued by the idea of a Trae Young and Victor Wembanyama tandem; past players have begun sharing thoughts on the potential duo.

Atlanta Hawks v San Antonio Spurs
Atlanta Hawks v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The saga of the rumors surrounding Trae Young and the San Antonio Spurs may have merely just begun, and Spurs fans are on the edge of their seats each and every day with more supporting evidence that this may not be just a rumor that fades away come the offseason.

From all the rumors that have been circulating since January saying that Young would like to be paired up with Wembanyama, the reports of San Antonio and Atlanta discussing a package for the 25-year-old superstar, and all the moments of Trae and Victor appearing to be best buds, fans have been eating away all these moments in hopes of acquiring Young and forming a dynamic duo between the two stars.

It's not just fans of the Silver and Black who believe that Young and Wemby go together like two peas in a pod. Earlier today, DeMarcus Cousins said on the 'Bully Ball' podcast with Rachel Nichols and Rajon Rondo that his 'dream scenario' would be for Trae Young to find his way to San Antonio to form the tandem with Wembanyama.

Cousins may be one of us waiting to see these two come together, and Rachel Nichols was more than ecstatic about the possibility of Young heading down to South Texas.

Boogie Cousins and the Bully Ball podcast were just one group of past players and analysts to mention the idea of the Trae and Wembanyama duo. Gilbert Arenas' crew also discussed what superstars they would like to see join forces on Gil's Arena. Names such as Luka and Jokic and Ja and Zion were brought up, but they ended the discussion by throwing out Young and Victor's names.


It's not just NBA fans who are captivated by the idea of the Trae and Victor tandem now that players are beginning to see the potential in the what-could-be duo. These rumors could start to become a more significant topic across the league. With the Spurs in prime position to land Young, these may not be rumors for much longer.