3 Big men the Spurs must consider replacing Zach Collins with in free agency

Zach Collins
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The San Antonio Spurs' rotation has been in a constant state of change this season. Particularly in the front court, where the current big man rotation is dramatically different from what it was at the start of the season. Victor Wembanyama started the season at power forward, playing next to Zach Collins but his poor play forced Wembanyama to slide up to the five.

That has been a blessing in disguise since Wembanyama has thrived there but Collins is now an overpaid backup, especially when compared to cheaper alternatives like Charles Bassey and Dom Barlow. That could potentially lead to the Spurs shopping Collins this summer rather than continuing to pay him a starter salary, and if that is the case, then here are three potential free-agent replacements.

3) Kelly Olynyk

It's a bit of a surprise that the Utah Jazz center has never been a Spur, given how he would fit stylistically. As a power forward and center, he is a good shooter who can attack closeouts and score in the post while also being a good passer.

Those skills make him a valuable player and while he may opt to ring chase, he would be a solid fit in San Antonio. He can play power forward next to Wembanyama or Charles Bassey once he's healthy or even play backup center behind Wembanyama. He would give the Spurs the lineup versatility that they thought they were getting with Collins.

Olynyk is a better shooter and passer and would likely cost significantly less than the $16.7 million Collins will receive next season. If the Spurs decide to move on from him, then they should target Olynyk in free agency as a possible replacement. They will have around $20 million in cap space, presumably more if they move Collins, and Olynyk would make for a good offseason target.