13 people who turned their backs on the San Antonio Spurs

Revisiting the history of the San Antonio Spurs' long line of people who disrespected or turned their back on the franchise.
Kawhi Leonard
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Villain origin stories happen for a myriad of different reasons for a variety of people. Sometimes, the contempt held for these antagonists is petty and unreasonable, other times, those feelings are justified, but regardless of circumstance when it comes to supporting your sports team, most fans will come together to enforce one rule: don't disrespect the team they love.

These days, when that disrespect occurs, you are forced to deal with a bombardment of criticism and insults hurled in your direction on social media. Some of the characters on this list were able to avoid that due to the era at the time, but fans have memories as long as an elephant's. As All-Star Weekend is in full swing, it is time to look back at some of the people who found it in their hearts to discourage one of the most respected organizations in pro sports.

13. Dejuan Blair

Many will remember the ACL-less big man, affectionately referred to as the "Dancing Bear." (A terrible nickname, by the way.) His quick feet and surprising handle made him an interesting player despite being undersized. He had a knack for rebounding and was a solid passer, but he never turned into the cog the fans hoped he would.

He was a member of the 2013 team that lost to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, logging a total of about 17 minutes through three games. After the season, he left the team and joined one of San Antonio's most heated rivals, the Dallas Mavericks. Once there, he made a comment saying the Spurs would have won the series had the team played him, though in his last appearance in game 5 of that series, he was pulled with zero points after 4 minutes.

It is admittedly not the worst thing in the world, but not great either. In essence, you joined the enemy while publicly criticizing the coach who drafted you. Don't do that.