Trae Young to Spurs rumor heats up with recent report from respected journalist

A recent report suggests San Antonio may be a real possibility for one of the NBA's best point guards, Trae Young.
Trae Young
Trae Young / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

The Dejounte Murray trade may very well be turning into the gift that keeps on giving for the San Antonio Spurs. Despite the lack of activity from the front office at this year's trade deadline, the Silver and Black constantly had their names in rumors for a myriad of players, including Murray himself. While that particular drop of tea has cooled, the talk surrounding the Spurs' chances of acquiring Trae Young has heated up according to Marc Stein.

It feels like some sort of multiverse storyline is taking place. The insinuation that a player of Young's caliber would be interested in willingly playing for San Antonio seems far-fetched. It is far from the accustomed custom in the 210. The last big-name free-agent talent to choose San Antonio was LaMarcus Aldridge. Trying to remember who would fit that description before LA may cause an aneurysm because it simply does not happen.

A Trae Young acquisition is everything this team needs

The season has been tumultuous, to say the least, leading to discourse in the fan base all season long. Everyone knows this Spurs team needs help, but the way to go about acquiring reinforcements is a high point of contention among San Antonio's faithful. The trade deadline passed, and the Spurs generated less buzz than a straight-to-DVD special, only infuriating a portion of those desperate for any motion.

The decision not to move may, once again, prove that the Spurs know exactly what they're doing. When they gathered that assortment of first-round picks from Atlanta in the Dejounte Murray trade, it wound up being a precursor to the current state of affairs.

Since the Hawks could not receive a package close to what they gave up for the rights to Murray, they decided not to trade him at the deadline, opening the door to trading Trae Young instead. One of Atlanta's most obvious potential trade partners is San Antonio because of the treasure chest of picks the Spurs own.

In any case, this season has been an eye-opener. The talent San Antonio has been developing should be further along than they are, and they need help. If that help arrives in the form of the six-foot dynamo from Atlanta, it would accelerate the journey back to playoff contention. The pick-and-roll combination with Victor Wembanyama alone would be enough to give opposing coaches nightmares, not to mention the gravity both players possess just by being on the floor.

If the Spurs are truly at the top of the list of potential suitors for Young, nothing else takes precedence. The front office should do whatever it takes to get Ice Trae in a silver and black uniform. Do that, and the fanbase may even start holding hands again.