Spurs trade deadline conversation for superstar point guard reveals possibility

Howard Beck of the Ringer recently reported the San Antonio Spurs were involved in serious talks to acquire the second superstar they highly covet.
Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It wasn't the most exhilarating trade deadline for the San Antonio Spurs this year; their only move was trading Doug McDermott to the Pacers for Marcus Morris Sr. and a second-round pick. But that doesn't mean the Spurs weren't at work behind the scenes with the future in mind.

The trade coverage has been around the clock 24/7 of the latest rumors circling the Spurs' desire to land a second star to pair next to the young star in Victor Wembanyama, with one particular player's name constantly being heard: Trae Young.

The rumors involving Young and the Spurs have been flying around since mid-January, with the first round of reports saying that Young's camp would be open to pairing the 25-year-old superstar with Victor Wembanyama in the Silver and Black.

Following these rumors, it was reported that NBA executives were under the belief that the Hawks may make Young available in the summer due to their lack of success in both the regular and postseason.

Today adds another chapter to the chatter surrounding Young and the Spurs. Many were hoping for Brian Wright and the Spurs to push all their chips to the middle in hopes of acquiring the two-time all-star. While the Spurs weren't able to complete the transaction, Howard Beck of The Ringer dropped a bombshell this morning, saying the Spurs and Hawks did indeed discuss a deal for Young.

San Antonio finds themselves in a prime position to land Young. When dealing away Dejounte Murray in the summer of 2022, Atlanta gave up two unprotected firsts in 2025 and 2027 and the rights to swap picks in 2026, giving the Spurs the keys to their rebuild. Since trading for Murray, the Hawks have yet to build a consistency of winning and are currently below .500 at 24-30.

Atlanta's situation is different; if they want to go into a complete rebuild, trading Young might be their only option. With San Antonio owning the rights to their picks, alongside some potentially intriguing players that could be included in a deal, few teams could match the package the Spurs could offer.

Alongside the precious picks acquired in the Dejounte deal, the Spurs have 15 first-round picks and 19 second-round picks, allowing San Antonio to offer a massive haul to Atlanta for Young this summer.

San Antonio desperately needs to add a second star to pair alongside Wembanyama, and Young has already given high remarks toward the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year.

Young and Wemby sound like a match made in heaven. Young could be that elite point guard the Spurs have been longing for, with an untapped scoring ability, a pick-and-roll guard who thrives when he has lob threats, and someone who can facilitate the entire floor to create shots for all his teammates.

This news also confirms that San Antonio genuinely has an interest in acquiring Trae and putting him alongside Wembanyama, after rumors were saying there may be some mutual interest between the two parties. It's huge to have verification that Atlanta doesn't consider him untouchable; their willingness to engage in discussions about trading away their franchise cornerstone makes that clear.

This news should put all the criticism that the front office is asleep at the wheel to bed; Spurs fans may not have to wait much longer before Brian Wright decides to go all-in on what potentially could be the next great Spurs dynasty.