Dillingham says eight words that will win the hearts of all Spurs fans

Kentucky prospect Rob Dillingham's quote regarding Victor Wembanyama will be music to the ears of San Antonio Spurs fans.
Rob Dillingham
Rob Dillingham / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

As the NBA Draft Combine continues, prospects are being examined every which way, as franchises try their best to determine who should be the next addition to their roster. Part of the detailed exploratory process is player interviews. They often have fascinating answers and San Antonio Spurs fans will love Rob Dillingham's response when asked about Victor Wembanyama.

"I'm coming in to give Wemby the ball." - Rob Dillingham

What a wonderful sentence to hear from a rookie who already seems to understand how the offense will run. Dillingham is projected as a top-five pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. The mentality leans toward the unselfish culture famously established in San Antonio long ago. Coach Gregg Popovich is consistent in his desire for players who are "over themselves" and this quote insinuates Dillingham falls into that category.

The Kentucky Wildcat averaged 15.5 points per game last season and scored 20 or more in eight of those games. His shifty and quick movements allow him to get open to get his shot off or penetrate the defense and those are things the Spurs could use. Right now, the team can be overly reliant on the perfect execution of a screen. Someone who can get his own shot off adds a much-needed dynamic to the offense.

Dillingham measured at 6'1, 164 pounds at the NBA Draft Combine. That lack of size is concerning for two reasons. First, he may struggle if opponents place long, athletic defenders on him. Second, Dillingham will likely be able to do so much on defense. But there is always a possibility a player proves you wrong. His interview gives the Spurs another reason to consider selecting him seriously and if they do, no doubt the fans will root for him to do just that.