5 Spurs who undoubtedly need to be traded or released before next season

The San Antonio Spurs have a lot of work to do following the conclusion of a bad regular season and these five names should be on the move.
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Decision time has arrived for the San Antonio Spurs. They'll have to go back to their offices, discuss the season and figure out what the next steps are in the journey back to the mountaintop. They were able to narrowly avoid a franchise-worst season, thanks to meaningful improvements in a myriad of areas but that is not the bar after drafting the generational talent known as Victor Wembanyama.

Heads have to roll after a season like that. The team came in with the expectation of making some strides after a 22-50 record last year. While the dismal season allowed San Antonio to draft Wembanyama, the bottom of the barrel is not a comfortable position for Spurs Nation.

There need to be several personnel changes to the roster. Sending the same assortment of players out next season would be bordering on cruel and unusual punishment but the front office is likely aware of that. A more clear picture has been painted, showing what players will need to find a new home and though it will be sad to see some of these guys go, it is necessary to the process.

5. Charles Bassey

Charles Bassey seems like a nice enough guy but players have to provide more value than a pleasing disposition. He just doesn't play enough. Bassey has been an NBA professional for three seasons, only playing a total of 77 games due to repeated injuries. He only suited up 23 times as a rookie for the Philadelphia 76ers and last season, the big man out of Western Kentucky played a total of 35 games, the most so far.

He brings a tough component that adds value to a young team that sometimes struggles with their physicality but it's a useless asset from the bench. Dominick Barlow made a significant jump from year one to year two. The Spurs should lean into his development and start giving him more minutes. Barlow plays with a lot of energy and is a willing defender. Just ask around.