ESPN insider's Spurs prediction signals significant change for San Antonio

Despite being considered a small-market team, Brian Windhorst argues why the future of the San Antonio Spurs awaits great things.
Brooklyn Nets v San Antonio Spurs
Brooklyn Nets v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Throughout their history, the Spurs have always been considered a small-market team. Even during the golden era of the franchise, Tony Parker once stated that if the big three played in New York, they would be treated like gods. However, with the arrival of a player like Wembanyama, who is a must-see player, the Spurs hope to change this perspective.

If there's a fanbase that understands the struggles of rooting for a small-market team, it must be the Spurs fans. Even though they support one of the most successful franchises in NBA history, they know what it's like not to receive constant media attention and to not be a top destination for star players. Despite this, Brian Windhorst expressed during a program on ESPN why that could change in the coming years.

Windhorst recently spent the weekend in San Antonio and commented that the notion that no player wants to go play for the Spurs is not necessarily true. He believes that due to the city's growth and the presence of talented players like Victor Wembanyama, it can attract more than one star player to join the team, which is led by one of the best coaches of all time, Gregg Popovich.

This statement reveals what many fans of the Silver and Black team believe about the future of the franchise; that they're headed back to greatness. It generates excitement throughout the city of San Antonio, as people hope that an All-Star caliber player will soon join the team, and with that, they can once again compete for more championships.