5 Trade scenarios Spurs must prepare for this offseason

The Spurs must be ready for a wild offseason with pressure to build around Victor Wembanyama.

San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich
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1. Go all-in on Mitchell to pair with Wemby

The Spurs should be in on any star player who becomes available. It will cost them a massive price, but only the Thunder can offer more than San Antonio. They need another top-end talent to become title contenders, and drafting one could take years.

Mitchell and the Cavaliers have decisions to make. The five-time All-Star is extension-eligible this summer with one year plus a player option remaining on his contract. Cleveland will offer him a max extension. If Mitchell turns it down, the Cavs will be forced to trade him. They cannot let Mitchell walk in free agency. The franchise will get a hefty return, even if he refuses to sign long-term with the team acquiring him.

Can the Spurs convince Mitchell to stay? Stars will want to play with Victor Wembanyama, but the 27-year-old guard holds the power. If he commits to be in San Antonio, the Spurs should give up a massive haul to land the star. Mitchell is an elite scorer who raises his game in the playoffs. The Spurs can certainly win with him and would quickly become a feared team in the West.

The San Antonio Spurs have to be ready for anything this summer. There will be unexpected talents available, and their front office must explore every avenue. Stay tuned to see what the franchise can pull off.