Top 5 steals leaders in Spurs franchise history filled with legends

Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama had an impressive season with steals too, prompting a look back at the San Antonio Spurs top 5 steals leaders.
Tony Parker
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1. Manu Ginobili (1392)

It's been less than a decade since the retirement of one of the most exciting players, not just in Spurs history, but in NBA history. His jerky style of play made it difficult for defenders to stay in front of him. He was smart, explosive, relentless, fearless and he was a gambler. Ginobili routinely bet on himself to come up with the risky steal, make the crazy block or complete the ill-advised pass. He'd also dunk on your head, if you didn't watch it.

Some of what made you laugh made you cry with Ginobili but the thing about great players is that the number of tears dropped will be significantly less than smiles raised. The Argentina native will always be synonymous with selflessness. He is the NBA's greatest example of sacrifice. This is a player who led Argentina to an Olympic gold medal, defeating Team USA for the honor.

He had every right to demand a role in the starting unit but he trusted Coach Popovich and the results included four championships. He only won one Sixth Man of the Year award but he should have won more. There is no doubt that he would have more stats, awards and recognition if he started throughout his career but San Antonio knows what Manu Ginobili meant to the game of basketball. He'll never be forgotten.