The hidden bonus of San Antonio adding Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish, San Antonio Spurs
Cam Reddish, San Antonio Spurs / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs are demanding draft compensation for pretty much any of their available veterans on the trade market, but would a 23-year-old with a lot of potential be good enough for the Spurs? The New York Knicks have made Cam Reddish available and are apparently looking for only a pair of second-round picks to move the high-flying wing. 

Cam Reddish played at Duke alongside Tre Jones and posted 10.7 points per game during his first two seasons in the league when he got the most minutes. Granted, Reddish is only a 32% shooter from deep, but his athleticism and above-average defense make sense for the Spurs to add, especially at the low cost advertised. 

While several teams are showing interest in Reddish, one stands out. The Los Angeles Lakers, desperate to make any move to remain relevant, seemingly want to add him and would certainly be willing to meet the asking price. That begs a question: is it worth it for the Spurs to swoop in just to spite the Lakers?

Ruining LA's season makes adding Reddish worth it for SA

At this point, adding a bench wing will not ruin the Spurs’ chances in the draft lottery. Reddish will be a free agent after this season, but the Spurs could easily afford to keep him around if he produces during the back half of this season. With the Lakers being interested, the spiteful fan in me comes out, and I want the Spurs to make a deal, partly so LA can’t have him. 

If the Spurs were able to flip Doug McDermott to New York, as I suggested, to receive Reddish, I highly doubt that the Lakers would be able to match that asking price. The upside of having and developing Reddish is obvious, and it would be awesome if the Spurs could end up with the Lakers’ prize before the trade deadline. 

Of course, not all of the readers are as interested in the Lakers’ downfall as me, so I understand if all you see is the Spurs shipping out a veteran in exchange for an exciting young player who has chemistry with San Antonio’s starting PG. That’s merit enough to make a deal anyway, so there’s really no reason why the Spurs shouldn’t call New York. 

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To me, getting under the Lakers’ skin and showing those loyal, loyal fans that they can’t always have what they want is a sweet enough prize to part with Dougie McBuckets, but I’m a hater at heart. That being said, a Reddish and Richardson second unit would be one of the more exciting benches in the league.