Grading a mock trade that sends Doug McDermott to New York

Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs
Doug McDermott, San Antonio Spurs / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs are at the center of the NBA trade market, and the rumors surrounding them continue to spread like wildfire. Josh Richardson and Jakob Poeltl are the Spurs’ two most tradeable assets to a win-now team, but Doug McDermott isn’t far behind. 

The 31-year-old wing doesn’t command the value that fans expect, as outlined by a mock trade proposed by the NBA Analysis Network. The mock trade does have the Spurs gaining two draft picks, but neither of them is the first-rounders the organization is after. The Spurs also receive veteran and former MVP Derrick Rose, but he is soundly removed from his All-Star days. 

Rose is averaging a career-worse 5.8 points per game and has barely seen any playing time. The two second-round picks from Detroit could land anywhere between 31st and 45th overall, seeing as how the Pistons are still a few years away from contending. 

NBA Analysis Network does a good job of explaining why the Knicks are interested in this deal. They are 25th in the league in three-point percentage despite taking the tenth-most shots, and McDermott would provide some much-needed spacing and pop off the bench.

The Knicks need spacing, and the Spurs need capital. This trade provides a minimal amount

Rose is on the outside of the Knicks’ roster, so shipping him off wouldn’t hurt New York’s playoff chances, and the odds of the Knicks drafting well enough to use the two picks responsibly are laughable. 

However, the Network doesn’t give many good reasons regarding the Spurs and their interest in the trade. They admit that the Spurs are asking for a first-round pick but suggest that San Antonio is unlikely to get one for him. I would say that’s true, except the Knicks and their fans are constantly delusional and assume that the current six-seed will go on a tear after the All-Star break. 

According to the Analysis Network, the main value for San Antonio in the trade is Derrick Rose. The authors seem to think that the Spurs would value Rose as a backup point guard and mentor to Tre (spelled “Trae” in the article) Jones. I find that absurd, as Jones is breaking out this season without the help of a washed star.