Spurs silence on 4 key draft prospects speaks volumes

The San Antonio Spurs have had several top prospects in the draft in for workouts, but their silence on four could mean more than anything they'd say on record.
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As we get closer and closer to the 2024 NBA Draft, we're getting more and more reports coming out on who the San Antonio Spurs might be narrowing in on. As is usual with the Spurs, we're not getting much. But what we do know should have every Spurs fan intrigued.

We already know the Spurs have had several key prospects in for workouts. Stephon Castle, Ja'Kobe Walter, Rob Dillingham, Cody Williams, Reed Sheppard, and Tidjane Salaun have all worked out for San Antonio. While we've certainly heard some notes on how those workouts went, it's what we're not hearing that could be a stronger indication of the Spurs' interest.

Spurs noticeably quiet on four key prospects in lead up to NBA draft

In his latest Big Board, Spurs insider LJ Ellis called out a few players who he's been able to get members of the Spurs front office to comment on. Devin Carter, Cody Williams, Rob Dillingham, and Donovan Clingan are all players the Spurs were willing to comment on. Interestingly, those same sources were tight-lipped on others.

"Carter was highly impressive and that his athleticism was off the charts. However, the same sources refuse to comment on how Castle performed during the workout."

— LJ Ellis

Ellis was specific in calling out Stephon Castle, Reed Sheppard, Zaccharie Risacher, and Dalton Knecht as players he couldn't get his sources to comment on. It could be something; it could be nothing. But less is more with San Antonio. This front office is well known for keeping their cards close to the vest. It isn't a coincidence if they're going radio silent on any prospect.

Out of all the players the Spurs are mum on, Sheppard is the only one who I can't see landing in San Antonio. The Rockets are reportedly a lock to take him at three. That could be a smokescreen as well, but Houston needs a true point guard, and Sheppard is one of the best in this class.

Rumors of the Spurs and Hawks working on a deal to get San Antonio up to No. 1 just won't go away; could the Spurs' silence be a confirmation of sorts that these discussions are real and San Antonio is serious about jumping to the top of the order?

If Risacher is on the board at four, that's who many insiders—Ellis included—think San Antonio will take. But if he's gone and Castle is there, the UConn defensive menace fits what the Spurs need too well for Brian Wright and company to pass up.

The silence around Knecht speaks the loudest. The Spurs desperately need three-point shooting. Do they believe in Knecht enough to take him at eight? Or would they try to package future picks and their high second-round pick to move back up and grab Knecht in the late lottery?

It's impossible to get a firm read on where the Spurs might be leaning, but the refusal to comment on these players has to be taken as a sign of interest. We'll find out if that interest evolves into something more on June 26th.