A huge Tre Jones problem may be brewing for San Antonio Spurs

With one year left on his deal, how do the San Antonio Spurs navigate resigning Tre Jones if he has plans to test free agency?
Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs
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The Spurs have a lot of good to look forward to. There’s a saying: “The future is now." The younger players are blossoming and growing and are beginning to make an impact. It’s ironic to say about San Antonio, as they lost 60 games last season, but their future is now. The funny thing is that the future is still the future too. With the job Spurs brass has done accruing draft capital and younger players, they have a unique ability to be impactful now and for years to come.

Managing the roster is more important for Spurs now more than ever

That said, the Spurs will have to choose properly when retaining players over the next several seasons. With only a year left on his contract, Tre Jones is a player the Spurs will have to have pointed discussions about.

He’s an extremely impactful and important player for the team. He may not be the heartbeat, but he’s respected like a trusted veteran who showed maturity beyond his years this past season and provided high-quality basketball throughout. His stats, while not gaudy, were solid: 10 points per game and over 6 assists per game (6.2) in 27.8 minutes per game. He played 77 games, starting 48 of them.

The offense had a good flow when Jones was in the lineup, and they developed continuity as the season progressed. The issue here is whether Jones would like to try to obtain starter minutes elsewhere. If the Spurs wish to keep him around, they may have to open up the bank just a bit.

If the Spurs draft a point guard with one of their lottery picks this year, Jones may be more inclined to test the open market. The Spurs also need to store some money to resign big stars like Victor Wembanyama and Jeremy Sochan.

Jones proved his worth and versatility to the franchise last season. He showcased strong leadership qualities over a turbulent season. He’s earned a spot on this roster, and hopefully, he wants it.