Possible downside for 8 prospects mocked to Spurs

With two picks in the top ten, the San Antonio Spurs can come out of the 2024 NBA Draft with a haul of potential cornerstones. But every pick in this class carries some level of risk. Here's what the Spurs should be looking out for in each player.
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No matter where you're picking in the NBA Draft, it's rarely a sure thing. Even when you're first on the board, there's not always a surefire, obvious home run of a draft pick waiting for you at the top of the order. The San Antonio Spurs were lucky enough to find themselves in that position last year. That's not the case this time around.

Even with more homework to do, most teams would envy the Spurs' position. They've got their franchise cornerstone, a couple of promising complimentary pieces, tons of cap space and future draft picks, and two lottery picks this year. They've got a lot to improve on, but they're not lacking resources.

Whether they stay put at the fourth and eighth picks or move up to get their guy, as some recent rumors have suggested they might, Brian Wright and the Spurs front office need to be on the same page with who they're taking. This should hopefully be one of the last times the Spurs are in the lottery. They need to make these picks count.

Every player mocked to go in the lottery has something to love about their game. But none of them are foolproof selections. There are downsides the San Antonio Spurs should be looking out for when making their picks.