Spurs' possibilities widen in 2024 NBA Draft after latest rumor

Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs
Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Get excited San Antonio Spurs fans, we might have some trade action coming our way soon. The Spurs have two lottery picks in the 2024 NBA Draft and based on recent reporting it sounds like they're starting to make one of them available.

It's fair to classify this draft class as a bit underwhelming. There isn't a surefire lock to go number one overall and even as we get into the later parts of the lottery it's incredibly unclear who might go where. That uncertainty could be the driving factor behind the Spurs' new willingness to part with their second lottery pick.

San Antonio Spurs looking to move No. 8 overall pick in trade talks

Per Yahoo's Jake Fisher, the Spurs have made the 8th overall pick available in trade talks. It remains unclear what that might lead to, but based on some earlier reporting we can make a few assumptions.

Fisher's reporting comes on the heels of another report by ESPN's Jonathan Givony where he noted that the Spurs might be interested in packaging their two lottery picks together to move up to No. 1 overall.

Putting both picks together to move up to No.1 doesn't make much sense in such an unclear draft. Still, I'm all for packaging the eighth overall pick with another future pick or young player to move up slightly - possibly with Detroit or Charlotte - to give the Spurs the best chance of getting the guys they want.

If Sarr is sliding, he's the kind of talent every Spurs fan should support chasing after. His potential fit with Victor Wembanyama could be tricky to figure out but given where the Spurs are today they should be prioritizing the best player available. If Sarr is on the board at four, he should be the pick. Trading the 8th overall pick to move back up to secure a point guard of their choice could be a way for San Antonio to play this draft perfectly.

Another option could be to use the No. 8 pick as part of a larger deal that nets the Spurs a bonafide star point guard. Would No. 8, Keldon Johnson, and another future first-round pick be enough to pry Darius Garland away from Cleveland? It's certainly worth getting the Cavs front office on the phone and having a discussion.

The "Trade the Picks" crowd might have something to be happy about very soon. No matter how San Antonio manuvers their way through the draft it's sure to thrill some Spurs fans and upset others. The best we can do now is sit back and enjoy the show.