Spurs are the obvious landing spot for a future Hall of Fame player

With rumors swirling about whether the San Antonio Spurs will make a big off-season move, an underrated possibility could see them adding a future Hall of Famer.
Gregg Popovich
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With rumors swirling about whether the Spurs will make a big off-season move, an underrated possibility could see them adding a future Hall of Famer. The thought of Chris Paul joining the Spurs has inexplicably led to a negative response from some fans. Despite that, he'd be a terrific short-term fit for the Spurs, who may be reluctant to make a major trade since they are in a great position to build a sustainable winner around Victor Wembanyama.

Of course, Wembanyama appears to want to win now and while adding a player who would be in his 20th season and nearly 40 isn't a typical win-now move, it would help. San Antonio will still have Tre Jones under contract for another season and they could start CP3 at point guard and essentially split playing time down the middle with Jones.

That would give the team great playmaking for all 48 minutes and ensure that Wembanyama is able to get off to a fast start with him and Paul running pick-and-rolls and Victor getting high percentage looks late in close games.

Would Chris Paul make the Spurs a playoff team?

If Paul were to be traded and then later waived, he would be a good free-agent option at point guard given his track record. He has, time and time again, turned young teams into winners, as the Spurs have seen firsthand.

He quickly turned the New Orleans Hornets into a winner, nearly leading them to the 2009 Western Conference Finals over the Spurs. He later turned what was once the worst franchise in North American sports history, the LA Clippers, into a winner, even resulting in them ending the Spurs' repeat hopes in 2015.

He also took a Phoenix Suns team that hadn't made the playoffs in more than a decade to the postseason and even to the NBA Finals in short order. Even late in his career, Paul could raise the Spurs' offensive floor by unlocking Wembanyama, thus possibly helping them make the playoffs next season.

As a result, if he becomes available this summer, the Spurs should pounce. As a short-term option, San Antonio could benefit from the addition of Paul.