Spurs fans and Wembanyama may have differing opinions on Trae Young

With the great debate over how the San Antonio Spurs should get their future point guard raging, Victor Wembanyama has reportedly expressed interest in Trae Young.

Nobody could've expected Victor Wembanyama to be as dominant as he was in his Rookie of the Year campaign, and the 20-year-old is already putting San Antonio on the map as a top free-agent destination for stars who want to join forces with the former first-overall pick.

The great civil war between the Spurs fan base right now concerns whether San Antonio should draft its point guard of the future or use the assets Brian Wright has built up over his tenure and trade for a proven star who can help begin the competitive window in the Wemby era.

Prospects like Rob Dillingham and Nikola Topic are in the draft, and Trae Young and Darius Garland are the top options in the trade market. As a fan, there is no wrong answer regarding how you want the Spurs to address the point guard position, but reports have suggested that Victor is interested in a dynamic duo with Young.

Wemby 'intrigued' about the idea of playing with Trae Young

In one of the latest episodes of 'Hoop Collective', ESPN's Tim MacMahon and Brian Windhorst discuss the possibility of San Antonio being a potential landing spot for the two-time All-Star.

MacMahon states that he knows people who know Victor and that the French native is "intrigued by that idea." He later goes on to say that he's not sure that Coach Pop is intrigued by that idea, but Tim says that from a basketball perspective, it would work. But the challenge would be asking if Young would be comfortable embracing the role of Wemby's 'sidekick.'

PATFO needs to be listening

There's a reason Wemby has been given the 'generational' label, and he met those expectations in his rookie season. It's not often you get a player who projects to have a level of dominance for as long as he does, and Victor has openly expressed his desire to begin winning.

With how the situation in Atlanta is shaping up, landing the first pick in the upcoming draft may have been the acquisition that sends them into rebuild mode. If the Hawks are ready to move on, it starts by trading Trae Young for draft picks, for which the Spurs own the rights to Atlanta's next three first-round picks.

If Trae Young is made available—it's highly believed he will be—San Antonio holds all the leverage over Atlanta and any other packages that teams attempt to offer.

But when your star has made it clear he's interested in playing with another star player, as a front office, you should desire to do whatever it takes to make him happy by acquiring players your star wants to team up with. Trae Young is the perfect player to pair next to the seven-foot-four alien.

Regardless of who the Spurs choose, they must seek out their point guard of the future, whether it's through the draft or the trade market. There's no reason not to find the guard who will form a dynamic duo with Wembanyama and begin catapultinginto the Spurs to postseason contention.