Possible downside for 8 prospects mocked to Spurs

With two picks in the top ten, the San Antonio Spurs can come out of the 2024 NBA Draft with a haul of potential cornerstones. But every pick in this class carries some level of risk. Here's what the Spurs should be looking out for in each player.
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Alex Sarr and Tidjane Salaun

High-upside prospects also bring positional overlap headaches

Alex Sarr and Tidjane Salaun are two of the most compelling prospects in this year's NBA draft, and either one would make an intriguing addition to the San Antonio Spurs. Both have tremendous upside, but their potential fit in San Antonio is a bit murky.

Long projected to go in the top three, Sarr looks like a near-lock to be selected by the Washington Wizards. Without a clear foundational player in their frontcourt, Sarr is a no-brainer for a Wizards team desperately trying to find some direction in a post-Bradley Beal world. But if he slides past Washington, the Spurs must take him.

As fluid on offense as he is on defense, the 7-foot Sarr could pair with Victor Wembanyama to give the Spurs a modern-day spin on the Tim Duncan/David Robinson combination.

On the other hand, Salaun's potential fit with the Spurs is a little more up in the air. A raw, hyper-energetic 6'9 forward from France, Salaun could be something special or he could be a project player that never pans out. The best-case scenario for him looks like a slashing wing who also brings positional versatility and aggression on defense. Think jumbo-sized Andre Iguodala.

Things get a little more complicated when you try to envision what a frontcourt of Jeremy Sochan, one of Salaun or Sarr, and Wembanyama could look like. There's a ton of defensive potential in that trio, but floor spacing could be a real issue. San Antonio may eventually have to choose between Sochan and the selected prospect, leaving one player as the odd man out.

Ultimately, the upside of Sarr and Salaun is worth any potential future headaches, and if they're there for the taking at four and eight, respectively, Brian Wright should pick one or the other.