1 can't-miss 2024 draft prospect for the Spurs at every position 

For San Antonio Spurs fans, the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft can't come soon enough and with two top-eight picks, here's the best prospect at each position.
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For San Antonio Spurs fans, the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft can't come soon enough. With one of the best young cores in the NBA, they have the perfect chance to add to that core and set themselves up nicely for years to come. They have both the fourth and eighth picks, and even in a questionable draft, they will have some interesting options to choose from.

Their most obvious roster flaws are at point guard and small forward, but there will be talented prospects at each position. Therefore, let's go through and take a look at the Spurs' best options in the 2024 draft at each position, starting with center.

Center: Donovan Clingan 

With Alexandre Saar expected to be off the board by the time the Spurs pick 4th, Connecticut center Donovan Clingan may be the next best available big man. At 7'2, Clingan is one of the tallest players in the draft, and his length and size make him a formidable rim protector. His fit next to Wembanyama would make the Spurs a nightmare to score against, with each player being a dominant shot blocker.

Drafting Clingan would push Wembanyama back to the four, and there are both pros and cons to that possibility. Wembanyama at the five saw him post an eye-popping 22.4 points, 11.0 rebounds, 3.9 blocks and 4.4 assists in 52 games this season. Compare that to the 18.9 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2.6 blocks and 2.5 assists he averaged at power forward.

It's clear that he was more productive at center, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he can't play with another big man. Drafting Clingan might be seen as a reaction to the Minnesota Timberwolves' surprise run to the Western Conference Finals.

They knocked off MVP Nikola Jokic and the defending champion Nuggets by utilizing a 3-headed monster at power forward and center. That might be too reactionary, however, and the Spurs may not even get a chance to pick Clingan if he ends up as a top-3 pick.