Latest draft report flies in face of Spurs most obvious need

The San Antonio Spurs reportedly have their eyes on drafting Stephon Castle at point guard and it may not be the best fit for the team.
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The biggest domino that needs to fall this offseason for the San Antonio Spurs is finding out who the long-term starting point guard is. Tre Jones is not a poor man's guard, but he lacks the ability to score consistently from all three levels of the floor and create his own space off the dribble.

That being said, San Antonio needs to find their future floor general who can provide a dynamic ability to score the basketball. Those potential options include, for example, Trae Young, Darius Garland, and Rob Dillingham. But a new name has begun to be thrown around for consideration.

Spurs are 'Big' fans of UConn's Stephon Castle

Kelly Iko of The Athletic states that the Spurs are interested in UConn guard Stephon Castle. Now Castle is nobody to sleep on. He stands six-foot-six and weighs 215 pounds, a very NBA-ready build that allows him to be one of the top defenders in this draft class. The Spurs are one of many teams desperate for a player who can defend the perimeter, like Castle.

Depending on the matchup, he could defend the 1-3, and his lateral mobility resulted in many forced turnovers. Not only is he a well-built defender, but he's a smart one, too. He learned to become a help defender in the Dan Hurley system, executing rotations and double-teams effectively.

But it's not his defense that's a cause for concern. He's a very undeveloped offensive threat as a scorer and playmaker. He wasn't running a lot of point guard in his one season with the Huskies because Tristan Newton got a lot of that action.

He has playmaking upside and can make the correct passes, entry, backdoor, and extra; he has a solid feel for the game that could improve playing next to Wembanyama. But he's yet to become a dangerous scorer, and the Spurs need a guard who can score effectively from all floor levels.

Now, he can be a threat as an off-ball scorer, with an excellent sense for creating points through cuts and second-chance opportunities, but he's not known for being dangerous with the ball in his hands from outside. Expect to be a downhill scorer over an off-the-dribble scorer.

The Spurs are in a bad position and have many needs entering this summer. You can argue that they need to add a defensive-minded guard to create an advantage on the defensive end, but if the Spurs can acquire someone who can score in various ways, then it will be a dangerous offensive game.

Many forget that Jeremy Sochan has the potential to be one of the best defenders in the league. In most scenarios involving opposing guards driving to the hoop, Victor Wembanyama is standing underneath the basket, ready to send shots into the third row.

Castle could be available at the 8th pick, and if the Spurs are as big of fans as the rumors are saying, then don't be shocked to see the 19-year-old in silver and black.