Spurs draft analysis: 3 potential point guards and what they bring

The San Antonio Spurs' need for a young point guard could be fulfilled in the 2024 draft, featuring a handful of solid point guard prospects.
San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Pelicans
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The Spurs did not have the season they had hoped for this year. However, there were still many positives as time went on. Fans saw Victor Wembanyama live up to the hype, the occasional show-outs from other young players and the togetherness that this team has.

There is a lot to look forward to in San Antonio. What is also in their favor are the deep pockets they carry for potential free agents and the possibility of having four draft picks in 2024.

It all starts with finding out where San Antonio ends up in the draft lottery. After finishing with the fifth-worst record in the league, they currently hold a 10.5% chance at capturing another first-overall pick. If this happens, it would be the fourth time the franchise has received the number one draft choice.

San Antonio can also capture a second lottery pick from the Toronto Raptors. In the 2022 trade that sent Jakob Poetl back to Toronto, San Antonio received a protected (top-six) first-round pick in return. If Toronto draws a pick between one and six, they get to keep the pick. If they land beyond pick No.7, San Antonio gets another lottery selection.

Point guard depth must be addressed during the NBA Draft

A second first-round selection could be a great step towards a rebuild. From a roster perspective, the biggest upgrade is needed at the point guard position. Luckily for San Antonio, this year's guard class is highly talented. Let's dive into three specific point guards the team could target in the first round.

3) Nikola Topic PG - Serbia (Crvena Zvezda)

San Antonio is desperate for a playmaker. Their future will revolve around Wembanyama and there need to be players around him to elevate his game. Nikola Topic could be that guy. Topic did have a knee injury earlier in the year that could scare teams away, including San Antonio. However, the team is not looking to win tomorrow, so if Topic has to recover steadily, his potential is high enough for the team to be patient while he recovers.

His potential starts with his ability to dominate on both ends. His toughness, his 6'6 size and his creativity on the floor jump out at you. He does the little things any coach would love, including, diving for loose balls, welcoming contact in the lane and directing an offense.

Topic also knows the correct areas to attack the defense. His basketball IQ would be welcomed with open arms, as San Antonio is a very fundamentally sound organization, historically. Topic would immediately connect his basketball mind to coach Gregg Popovich's, eventually turning into Coach Pop's next great project.

Topic's shooting stroke is efficient enough for today's NBA and he can score at any spot on the floor. His shooting propelled him to average 18 points per game in the 2023 ABA season.

Along with being the best guard prospect in the draft, Topic gives San Antonio their floor general of the future. While he will rarely out-shine Wembanyama, he will still be a fantastic number two option for the Spurs. Topic is the real deal.