NBA insider may be speaking San Antonio emergence into existence

ESPN insider Brian Windhorst made comments about what he expects free agents to see in the San Antonio Spurs in the near future.
Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell
Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The speculation is never-ending but it can be a fun and exciting thing when your team is not involved in the postseason. Sometimes, the organization doesn't make any moves but being the topic of discussion still has value. In the end, you want your team to make moves because it shows that they are being aggressive in their pursuit of winning. That feels nice as a fan.

Until the San Antonio Spurs do anything, everything is speculation for a team known to be tight-lipped. Though lately, ESPN's Brian Windhorst has been anything but quiet when discussing what he expects the Silver and Black to turn into in the near future.

Turning into the talk of the town could elevate Spurs prospects

When a new movie hits theaters that a significant portion of viewers are skeptical about, word of mouth can change everything. Rave reviews are a key part of our society. They can be the difference between a business failing and succeeding. If you don't believe that, ask Keith Lee, the man who goes around the country reviewing food at local restaurants. His positive reviews have changed the lives of business owners.

Brian Windhorst has taken on the role of organizational critic and the positivity radiating from his words every time he speaks on the Spurs will help the image of San Antonio as a destination city. Free agents may not have flocked to the 2-1-0 in the past but LaMarcus Aldridge did and had a strong career under Coach Pop.

The idea of linking up with Wembanyama might be enticing enough for many but hearing a seasoned reporter repeatedly gush over San Antonio's future could play a factor in the minds of potential stars. Keep going, Brian.