National TV analysts way off the mark on Spurs/Wembanyama expectations

On NBA Today, respected media members made aggressive claims about the San Antonio Spurs and Victor Wembanyama. They are way off base.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Everybody knows how impactful Victor Wembanyama has been this season. If you have watched the San Antonio Spurs, you know that the 13-48 record has little to do with his production and more to do with the team's ability to execute consistently. It has certainly been a disappointing season for a myriad of reasons but the future is bright. That point cannot be understated.

People have gotten into the habit of rushing excellence. There is no reason to put undue pressure on a young player or organization who just drafted a generational talent this season. Not when the organization in question is known for making the right decisions. The Spurs don't need any advice when it comes to building a winning team, but that did not stop ESPN personnel from making some ridiculous comments on NBA Today.

The Spurs know exactly how to adjust their timetable

As fans, it is okay to pontificate about what the organization should or should not be doing. Fan is short for "fanatic." There is an innate understanding that people will be a little ridiculous with their stances in support of their favorite team. People in the media should be a bit more reserved.

Wembanyama has said on numerous occasions that he understands that winning is a process, and he is willing to go through that process. He has spoken out in support of his teammates many times. He is constantly lauded for his maturity and wisdom but then accused of impatience, insinuating he will cause the front office problems if they don't move at a pace to his liking. It is an insult to his character and an insult to a Spurs organization respected worldwide.

There is a reason San Antonio has accumulated the war chest of assets they currently hold. With what feels like a Scrooge McDuck-amount of valuable trade pieces in the form of picks and players, they can move as quickly as they want.

Victor's rookie season was always going to be about understanding what they have to work with. Now that they have that information, they can move accordingly. Not because of some sort of made-up pressure, but because they are the Spurs, and that means something.