Paul George's way off comments poison ROY conversation

Clippers star forward, PG, wrongly addresses the Rookie of the Year conversation between Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren on Podcast P with Paul George.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

What a time to be alive. Every player that wants to create a media platform can do it and the number of guys interested in it seems to be increasing by the day. Everyone from retired players like Gilbert Arenas and Jeff Teague to active hoopers like Paul George and Draymond Green have gotten in the game. As sports lovers, when those guys talk, fans are going to listen since they have hands-on experience but that means they should have more responsibility.

For decades, players have complained about fans and media members' lack of knowledge about the game they play. Now that they have entered the content realm and have become pseudo-media members themselves, they are committing the same egregious acts that they were criticizing misinformed observers of before and San Antonio Spurs fans should be annoyed.

The latest offender is the Clippers star forward on "Podcast P with Paul George," as the podcast's namesake addressed the Rookie of the Year conversation that should be over already.

Paul George's comments hurt the Rookie of the Year debate

As a high-level player, Paul George's comments on basketball have more weight than others. He is the favorite player of young basketball fans all over the country for his smooth style of play and the high-leverage moments he has performed in throughout his career. But he is off-base here. Nobody can watch all 82 games for all 30 teams, but you still have a responsibility to know what you're talking about if you are going to address a certain topic.

Just about everyone with credentials has surrendered their "Chet Holmgren for ROY" talk to Victor Wembanyama weeks ago, and yet PG is stirring the conversation up again. Insinuating that the race is a toss-up comes off as disingenuous. Nobody who has been watching the historic performances of Wembanyama over the past two months believes Holmgren has a chance to catch Victor at this point in the season.

Since the beginning of January, Chet Holmgren has been averaging 16.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 0.6 steals and 2.3 blocks per game. Meanwhile, in the same span, Victor is putting up 22.7 points, 10.3 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.3 steals, and 3.7 blocks per game. It is hard to keep track of the wow plays and jaw-dropping performances the number one pick has put together. The Rookie of the Year race is no longer close and to act like it is only hurts the prestige of the honor. Do better, PG.

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