Wembanyama's in-season improvement an unbelievable sign of what's to come

Victor Wembanyama has shown significant improvement throughout the season—unheard of for a rookie. A promising sign of what's to come for the San Antonio Spurs.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Brien Aho/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama wasted no time making his impact on the NBA, displaying brilliance from the moment he arrived. However, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. His game wasn't completely polished, as he was still adjusting to the pace of the NBA and struggled with consistently shooting the ball. That's a thing of the past now, as Wembanyama is taking leaps in his rookie season.

Wembanyama's steady improvement is terrifying for the league

The number one overall pick had a brief adjustment period, as his first four games were a little shaky. Still, it didn't take long for Wembanyama to have a performance that left NBA fans in shambles after racking up 38 points and 10 rebounds over Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns.

We were beginning to see the dominance that could be displayed on both ends of the floor; it was apparent that Victor needed to fine-tune his jumper to become a dangerous offensive threat on all levels of the floor. In the short stint of October, Wembanyama averaged 16.3 points per game on an even 46% from the floor and a less-than-appealing 26.3% from downtown.

However, Wembanyama has left those numbers in the dirt. Throughout the rest of his rookie season, his monthly splits from three-point land have doubled! Victor is now shooting 55.6% from three in the short number of games played in March.

Another aspect of Wembanyama's improvement from downtown is his pull-up game. Victor is becoming more comfortable walking into shots in transition or handling the ball to create his jumpers off the dribble.

Lastly, Wembanyama is becoming a dangerous consistency for opposing defenses. While his shooting in the first few months of the year was rocky, he's dug deep to improve. He's shot 42.5% from three since the all-star break, averaging 5.7 attempts, and excluding his last matchup with Houston, Wemby is shooting 40% from deep.

You can tell that Wembanyama is becoming more comfortable with letting it fly from long range, and to see such a stellar improvement in just a few months of his rookie season is a sign that Victor is going to continuously improve his game not just through the offseason but midseason as well and that should terrify opponents.