Former Spur may be headed to San Antonio Rival

One of San Antonio's biggest rivals is interested in a former Spurs player and could get him in the coming days.
Gregg Popovich, Darvin Ham
Gregg Popovich, Darvin Ham / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

One of the San Antonio Spurs' key rivals is planning some changes to their roster, seeking new talent to reinforce their team for a run down the stretch. That talent could come in the form of an ex-Silver and Black representative who's had his name in many trade rumors as of late.

One franchise that is well-known for making trades mid-season, especially after the arrival of LeBron James in 2018, is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are eagerly looking for a point guard that could lead them to the top of the Western Conference.

Dejounte Murray is once again the star of trade talks

The Atlanta Hawks have made Dejounte Murray trade-eligible in hopes of finding a piece that can help them compete for a place in the NBA playoffs. As a result, multiple teams have shown interest in acquiring the former San Antonio player, and the Purple and Gold-donning team from LA is determined to do whatever it takes to bring him on board.

Shams Charania recently reported that the Spurs are among the teams interested in Murray. This news has sparked a debate among fans about whether his return would benefit the team or not. That being said, the Lakers are currently showing that they have the best assets to negotiate with the Hawks, leaving no other team in the running.

The last proposal the Lakers have made to the Hawks is aggressive in sending their own starting point guard in return, coupled with draft compensation, and not many teams will be able to match it. Spurs fans may be divided on whether or not Murray should return to San Antonio, but that does not mean you should want to see him in Lakers yellow.