Dejounte's latest antics show he may not be a good candidate to return after all

Despite recent trade rumors, the San Antonio Spurs should think carefully before making any Dejounte Murray trade decisions.
Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Lately, the San Antonio Spurs and Dejounte Murray have been connected by rumors of reconciliation and reunification. The reconciliation part is less about the team and more about the fan base. The comments DJ made on his way out the door rubbed the Spurs Faithful the wrong way and understandably so but the chance to get a solid all-around point guard with playmaking potential cannot be ignored.

A lot of Spurs fans are divided on this issue. The thought of bringing back someone quick to throw the franchise under the bus is a no-go for many, while others are fine with leaving the past where it resides if it means upgrading a pertinent position. Unfortunately for the ladder, Murray is proving that he has not grown up during his tenure in Atlanta.

The Spurs have a culture that Dejounte just doesn't fit

Coach Popovich has been clear about the standard in San Antonio. Everyone has heard him say, "We want guys that are over themselves," so often he should have the phrase trademarked. When Dejounte was traded to the Hawks, he took to Instagram, responding to Spurs fans critical of him. His response was disrespectful to a classy organization that has never done a thing to deserve that type of vitriol, especially from a player they drafted in the first round.

Seeing him on social media, once again, attacking fans who are living up to the "fanatic" namesake should turn San Antonio off from the idea of re-acquiring the Washington Husky. The point guard position is an obvious area of need but recent reports have outlined the price to acquire Tyus Jones and that may be a more feasible option. Regardless of the path the Spurs choose, it should not involve reuniting with Dejounte Murray.