The Spurs shouldn't hesitate to trade for this low-cost starting point guard

With 2 weeks until the trade deadline, the San Antonio Spurs seem likely to make a deal, and this cheap starting point guard should be at the top of their list.
Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

With just two weeks left until the NBA trade deadline, the San Antonio Spurs appear likely to make a deal. Better yet, a new report by ESPN's Tim MacMahon suggests that a potential trade target for the Spurs may be available for a surprisingly cheap price.

That is great news for the Spurs, who have 11 future second-round picks, including five from other teams, giving them plenty of assets to get a potential deal done with the Wizards. One possible deal could see the Spurs trading Devonte Graham, the Lakers' 2024 second, and Chicago's 2025 second for Tyus Jones.

Can the Spurs trade for Tyus Jones before the trade deadline?

While the Wizards may be looking for three or even four seconds—like what the Spurs got for Josh Richardson—both the Lakers and Bulls picks should be top-40 second-rounders as opposed to selections in the mid-to-late-50s.

In other words, the Wizards could get a couple of potentially solid seconds as opposed to three or four bad ones in exchange for moving a player on an expiring contract. If Washington agreed to a deal, the Spurs would be able to see how Jones fits into the team over their final 30+ games before deciding whether to pay him this summer.

Like his younger brother Tre, Tyus is a smart passer who often ranks high in the assist-to-turnover ratio. But unlike his little brother, he is more of a 3-point shooter, hitting 41.3% of his threes this season. Tre could go back to the second unit if Tyus, an equally talented player who poses more of a threat without the ball, were to start.

Test driving before buying is rare in the NBA, but it would help San Antonio decide how much to offer Jones and for how long. The Spurs will have around $20 million in cap space, enough for a starting-caliber point guard. Though there are limited options on the market, acquiring Jones ahead of the deadline would be like pre-agency and give them a leg up toward retaining him.

Overall, the Spurs should take advantage of the relatively low asking price for Jones and make the Wizards an offer. If they were to accept, the Spurs would get an affordable short-term starting point guard, which would help them address a big team need.