Brian Wright shares plans after Spurs luck out in NBA Draft Lottery again

San Antonio Spurs GM Brian Wright is excited about landing the 4th and 8th spots in the NBA Draft Lottery and says all options are on the table.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The results are in and the basketball gods are still smiling on the San Antonio Spurs. When you have as many picks as this organization does over the coming years, few scenarios won't end up benefiting the Spurs. The outcome of the NBA Draft Lottery is one example of many illustrations to come proving that.

Fans may have had particular preferences for how they wanted the NBA Draft Lottery to go but there is no denying that landing the number four and number eight overall draft picks is a fantastic spot to be in and San Antonio's General Manager Brian Wright agrees.

Receiving Toronto's pick now helps Spurs in more ways than one

Had the Raptors Top-six-protected pick not conveyed, San Antonio could have potentially still been in somewhat of a hold position. They would have only had one clear pick to either draft or trade with, limiting their options on that front and while the Spurs would have received Toronto's 2025 first-round pick, the top-six protection would still apply.

There is no way to guarantee a more favorable outcome than the one received now. The worst-case scenario led to that pick turning into a second-round pick for 2026 and 2027—something no fan wanted.

The name of the game now is maximizing the assets in front of you and whether they decide to draft a player or use the picks to make a deal, they'll feel confident that they can net a strong return.

Brian Wright makes a good point that fans will be wise to listen to. The 2020 NBA Draft was projected as a weak draft but the Spurs pulled Devin Vassell out of that class at pick number 11, Tyrese Haliburton was selected next and the 76ers found Tyrese Maxey at 21. As long as San Antonio continues to do their due diligence, they can potentially find long-term contributors anywhere.