San Antonio Spurs: Top five one-hit wonders of all-time

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San Antonio Spurs

A view of center-court at AT&T Center, the arena that’s been home to the San Antonio Spurs since the 2002-2003 season, which culminated in an NBA championship victory. (Photo by Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images)

The San Antonio Spurs have been spoiled by legends who spent most of their careers with them, but some stars only spent one season in the Alamo City.

Looking at the modern NBA, it seems to be a thing of the past that stars stay with one team throughout their careers. LeBron James is fresh off his fourth title with three different teams, while Kevin Durant will be playing for his third franchise next season. The San Antonio Spurs are among the last remaining franchises that have enjoyed decade-plus tenures from their top players.

There have been plenty of stars that joined the Spurs in the twilight of their careers, including several that the world probably forgot about when it comes to seeing them in Silver and Black. Guys like Tracy McGrady and Nick Van Exel are widely-recognized names that were in their 30s before suiting up for San Antonio for brief stints.

However, beyond those guys are some stars and borderline stars that could’ve enjoyed more success with the Spurs if circumstances had allowed for it. From solid role players to bonafide Hall of Famers, here are five guys that had memorable one-and-done seasons with the San Antonio Spurs.

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