Wembanyama's latest words on Popovich should silence the haters

Victor Wembanyama's latest statement on his head coach, Gregg Popovich, should silence all doubts that he's the right man for this job.
San Antonio Spurs v Washington Wizards
San Antonio Spurs v Washington Wizards / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

Throughout Victor Wembanyama's rookie season, fans have begun to wonder if Gregg Popovich wasn't ready for the challenge of taking on the generational talent. They have also started to question if he's the right man for the job, as the lack of wins isn't the most appealing to a fan base that hasn't seen any postseason success for what's about to be the fifth consecutive year.

Victor Wembanyama continues to speak nothing but praise about his head coach. Telling us about how wise he is and how much Coach Pop genuinely cares for his players. Many consider the 74-year-old leader the greatest coach of all time, including Wemby before he arrived in San Antonio, and his latest statement reiterates everything he believed about Coach Pop.

The up-and-coming superstar has always thought highly of his coach and has always had aspirations of being coached by him. Now, Victor no longer lives in those dreams, as they are now his reality.

While the winning culture has yet to be re-established within this young franchise, fans shouldn't start questioning the greatness and reputation that Gregg Popovich has built up in his tenure with San Antonio. Being a head coach in this league is no easy task, as only four teams haven't made a coaching change in the last ten years—the Nuggets, Warriors, Heat, and Spurs.

Most expected Coach Pop to walk off into the sunset with his running mate Tim Duncan, yet Pop is still kicking as he's embraced the challenge of the rebuild and has many pieces set in stone for what could potentially be the next great Spurs dynasty.

Many coaches would've been removed in the rebuilding phase of a franchise, but the front office and ownership know letting Pop walk away to another team would be like passing up a million dollars. The rebuild may still be in full swing, but Victor Wembanyama and the rest of the players know who they want at the helm.