Victor Wembanyama confirms Spurs have "special" connection to France

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages

As the celebration continues to roll in San Antonio following the huge draft lottery win, some Spurs fans have started speculating just how deep the relationship between their favorite franchise and Victor Wembanyama goes. The fact Tony Parker posted a tweet of Wemby as a child in a Spurs jersey only helped add fuel to the flame.

A few other strong connections have been made, leading to some Charlie Day with a bulletin board—esque detective work by fans of the Silver and Black.

Another event that helped spur (pun intended) this conversation is the following quote from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst: “They knew San Antonio would be a terrific spot for him. That is the most popular team in France because of [franchise legend] Tony Parker.” 

Besides his obvious fit on the court, Victor also seems to be a pretty great culture fit. He knows success—whether it be the Spurs’ or his own—yet speaks with humility and an evident desire for greatness. Most importantly, he appears to share a hatred for the Houston Rockets with the Silver and Black faithful.

Wemby piles on with quote on relationship between his home country and Spurs

Speaking to NBA reporters on Tuesday after the lottery, Wembanyama was quoted saying “the universe told [him]” that he would end up in San Antonio, and “there's a special relation between France and the Spurs... The whole country wanted the Spurs to have the first pick."

As we wait for June to come so the team can make it official and draft Wembanyama, and further for October to come so we can watch him don a Spurs jersey for the first time, it’s fun to piece together just how perfect a match this pairing seems to be. Spurs fans, never stop celebrating the franchise-altering event that occurred last Tuesday night.

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