20 Ways Victor Wembanyama would change the Spurs forever

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The NBA Draft Lottery is upon us, and many Spurs fans have their fingers crossed for the number one overall pick. Although there are numerous talented prospects, Victor Wenbanyama is the consensus best player in this class. Wemby is the most highly touted teenager since LeBron James, and he has the chance to alter the trajectory of a franchise.

Players with such a high profile come with enormous expectations, and Wembanyama does not shy away from the pressure. That should be good news to the fans of each lottery team that has an opportunity to draft him, as each organization has a lot of work to do. Selecting a player with unimaginable upside is a step in the right direction, no matter who makes the pick or their current roster construction.

Passing on Victor Wembanyama would be considered a fireable offense. He is the easiest draft-night decision a general manager with the number one overall pick could make, and the immediate impact he could make for a franchise is undeniable. And if the Spurs land the generational center, it could set them on a crash course for sustained success both on and off the court.