Wembanyama comments give insight into his expectations to compete

Victor Wembanyama has set high expectations for himself, and recent comments reveal he expects the same from the San Antonio Spurs organization.

2024 NBA All-Star - Rising Stars Practice
2024 NBA All-Star - Rising Stars Practice / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

As the finish line of the NBA regular season is inching closer by the day, the Spurs sit at 11-43, which is shaping up for what's to be the fifth straight season of failing to reach the postseason. While San Antonio is in the midst of their first rebuild after a long stretch of dominance, many await as pieces begin to fall into place for what could be the next great stretch of victory.

Victor Wembanyama is at the helm of it all and is already submitting himself as one of the league's best with his sensational player at just 20 years old. But even he is ready to bring a winning model and mentality to this young Spurs squad.

Head Coach Gregg Popovich cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that no steps are skipped in this crucial process of rejuvenating the glory days of San Antonio. From keeping Wemby on his minutes restriction to making sure he knows what he has in every one of his players, Pop has made it clear he won't rush this process.

Victor has also made it abundantly clear that he doesn't want to rush through this process. He's stated that he's 'patient, but not wasting time,' and that he 'trust[s] us for the long term.' However, when asked about the process during media availability at All-Star Weekend, he made an interesting statement.

Victor may be patient and is waiting for all the pieces to fall into the right place, but he still seems to be antsy to go out there and start building up that consistency of winning.

Wembanyama wants to be involved in what the Spurs do moving forward, and rightfully so. With someone as talented as him, he should have every right to push the front office and staff to be aggressive, to acquire players he wants to play alongside and to start getting into a winning mindset. Vic has made it clear that he wants to win so anything less than that mission as an organization would not sit well with him.

The puzzle pieces are slowly coming together. San Antonio is primed to have 56.8 million in spending money this offseason, alongside the haul of draft capital they've acquired during this rebuild. Spurs fans should be optimistic going into the offseason, as it's already rumored they're listed as the top destination for superstar point guard, Trae Young. On top of all that, they'll be in a position to receive a high lottery pick of their own and potentially a second one as long as Toronto falls out of the top six in the lottery.

With the NBA's youngest average roster at 23.5 and the exciting potential that's already been displayed, paired next to what should be an exciting offseason. Victor and Spurs fans may not have to wait much longer before they're again on top of the NBA world.