Pop gives good and bad news on Wembanyama's future

Fans have been waiting for the San Antonio Spurs to lift Victor Wembanyama's injury minutes restriction, but Coach Pop's update will bring mixed emotions.
Victor Wembanyama, Scottie Barnes
Victor Wembanyama, Scottie Barnes / Cole Burston/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama has seemed to settle into himself lately. He looks more comfortable with each passing game, and the result has been the crazy performances we have seen from the young rookie. One of the most fascinating parts of his recent eruption is his ability to make such a substantial impact for the San Antonio Spurs in a limited number of minutes.

It has been a source of both frustration and excitement as fans eagerly anticipate the release from the restriction brought on by injury concerns, hoping to see the number one pick put up numbers more ridiculous than the ones he has already been posting. Well, Coach Popovich gave an update that will only keep fans in that mixed state of emotion.

There is no upside to playing Wembanyama extended minutes

The Spurs are now retreating to safety as they wave the white flag on this season. Remember, the team wanted more this year from their players. It just didn't happen. This is a proud people in this organization that is used to competing at a high level, but they are also practical. It is time to look towards next season. The information needed on who Wemby is as a player has already been acquired.

It would be understandable to wonder if the front office is being too careful with the French phenom, but at the end of the day, the Spurs are no longer playing for anything tangible. Just get to the off-season. Once the summer hits, the Spurs will need to get to work because it is clear that Wemby will be ready to compete with the NBA's best faster than anticipated.