The three most crucial positions the Spurs must address in the upcoming draft

With many gaping holes in the San Antonio Spurs current roster, we discuss the three most important positions that need to be addressed in the upcoming draft.

2023 NBA Draft
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1. Point Guard

It's no hidden secret that the Spurs desperately need a game-changing point guard. One that can score efficiently and consistently on all three levels of the floor, control the pace, know how to operate a floor, and create open and efficient looks for teammates.

While Tre Jones has leaped from his previous season in his ability to manage the pace and floor correctly, he still lacks that elite scoring factor. When you look at the recent list of NBA champions, most had that Robin to a Batman point guard or that elite point guard to lead the way. The list goes on: Jamal Murray to Nikola Jokic, Steph Curry in 2022, Jrue Holiday to Giannis.

With San Antonio having decent odds at landing a pick inside the top four, the Spurs could likely end up with one of the top prospects. Nikola Topic out of Serbia and Rob Dillingham out of Kentucky are both extremely eye-popping prospects and could be just what the Spurs need to pair next to Wembanyama.

Just from his highlight reel alone, Dillingham looks to be one of the most capable guys coming into the league. He is an explosive, shifty guard who can walk into any shot or create it off-the-dribble, which just looks effortless for him. And a player who knows how to thread the needle, draw doubles, and kick it to the open man.

If the Spurs aren't fortunate enough to land Trae Young, this is no consolation prize. The reputation that those Kentucky guards get is no joke. From Shai Gilegous-Alexander to De'Aaron Fox, Devin Booker, and more, these are some of the most NBA-ready guys with uncapped potential and make names for themselves as bona fide stars throughout their careers.

The Spurs will be in an interesting situation going into the offseason, with the ability to continue building through the draft with two top-seven picks, or they could goall-in on proven talent such as Trae Young. Regardless of what happens, it will be fun to see how this offseason shapes up for Brian Wright and San Antonio.