Shocking Chris Paul signing saved Spurs from making a big mistake

While many people anticipated Trae Young to join the Spurs this summer, signing Chris Paul might be a better long-term decision.
Victor Wembanyama, Chris Paul
Victor Wembanyama, Chris Paul / LOREN ELLIOTT/GettyImages

The excitement peaked for San Antonio Spurs fans during this free agency with the arrival of Chris Paul to the team; however, the enthusiasm to make such an important move also meant that the pursuit of Trae Young was over.

At first, this raised doubts about whether it was the best option, but after analyzing several factors, it became increasingly clear that it was the right move.

There was uncertainty about whether bringing in Trae would truly solve the team's problems, given the considerable assets San Antonio would have to give up to acquire him. Thus, acquiring CP3 for just one year and only 11 million dollars was seen as a more cost-effective investment for the team.

In addition to this, we must highlight the possibility that the Spurs will have another great point guard long-term. This could come from Stephon Castle’s growth, especially with the support of Chris Paul, free agents in the coming years, or mainly, draft picks with better generations of players than the 2024 NBA Draft provided. San Antonio will also be able to take advantage of what looks like will be a bad season for Atlanta, as they have the Hawks' first-round picks or a pick-swap option for the next several years.

Meanwhile, the Spurs have saved a good amount of money and have substantial draft capital that will be used to continue building up the team, improve in other areas and little by little return to competing as a top contender in the NBA.