Spurs: Sudden Dejounte Murray trade rumors too reckless to believe

Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Well, it's safe to say the San Antonio Spurs are no longer looked at as the team that never makes trades.

Late Wednesday night, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer dropped a bombshell report centered around Dejounte Murray potentially being traded soon. "The Spurs are fielding offers for Murray and have told multiple interested teams it would take a 'Jrue Holiday-like package' to part with him," said Fischer.

For those unaware, the Pelicans received quite a haul for Holiday that included two pick swaps and three first-round picks:

It makes sense that San Antonio's asking price would be so high considering the season Murray just had as a first-time NBA All-Star.

As Fischer states, the Spurs' most eventful talks have come with the Atlanta Hawks in a deal involving 6-9 power forward, John Collins. Collins has often been involved in rumors with San Antonio dating back to the last offseason, but nothing ever materialized from the rumors.

Nonetheless, NBA circles are abuzz with the latest rumor after Murray's cryptic tweet on Tuesday seemed to officially tip off speculation season. It doesn't help that other NBA players, specifically the Hawks' superstar talent, are getting in on the act with cryptic tweets also.

Dejounte continuing his trolling online certainly isn't helping either (using my own tweet since he will inevitably delete his):

For what it's worth, the Hawks beat reporter for The Athletic weighed in on what he's heard -- confirming talks have happened but that a trade isn't close to happening yet.

Initial reaction to the Dejounte Murray rumors

My first instinct was to say nothing about this could be true. Dejounte for Collins just doesn't make sense. Seeing a confirmation from a writer with The Athletic makes me believe there's definitely some fire to this smoke though. Like it's been stated, though, it would take much more than John Collins for San Antonio to actually pull the trigger -- and it should.

There aren't many players in the league that can impact a game in as many ways as Dejounte. Yes, he might not be a three-level scorer yet, but even without a reliable outside jumper, he easily managed a near triple-double for an entire season and showed sky-high confidence for much of the year.

My feeling has always been that if Collins was to be brought in by the Spurs, it would be to pair him with Dejounte. Trading a star point guard that's shown the loyalty and love for San Antonio that Murray has for anything less than a treasure trove would just be reckless and set the team back.

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I might change my tune if more details about a potential package come to light, but as it stands, this doesn't seem like a smart path for the Spurs' front office to be taking.