Spurs: NBA Twitter goes crazy over cryptic Dejounte Murray tweet

Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Some say it's never truly an NBA offseason until Dejounte Murray sends out a cryptic tweet. On Tuesday afternoon, the San Antonio Spurs' newest All-Star officially tipped things off.

Without sharing as much as a single letter or number, Murray got everyone's attention with strictly eye emojis.

The Spurs have been involved in a few different rumors as we approach the NBA Draft, but they've yet to make any trades this offseason. Still, many expect them to be wheeling and dealing on Thursday with one or more of their four draft picks being in play.

The problem is San Antonio rarely leaks any legitimate intel -- with press members instead having to rely on what other teams or executives might be saying about their intentions. Then, there's a tweet like Murray's on Tuesday, which only adds to speculation while still offering fans nothing. As you'd expect, Spurs fans didn't know what to make of the tweet.

After his breakout season averaging 21.1 points, 9.2 assists, and 7.1 rebounds, opposing fanbases couldn't help themselves but speculate Murray going to their squads as well.

Is Dejounte Murray being made available?

Despite all the overreactions from everyone on Twitter, it's hard to believe this is anything related to Dejounte Murray going anywhere. First of all, he'd probably react in a much different way than just posting some eye emojis if he was hearing he's on the market. He's repeatedly stated his loyalty to Coach Popovich and the organization.

Unfortunately, there's no real way of knowing what Murray could be hinting at. He tends to enjoy getting people to talk and speculate with cryptic tweets during tense times. For all we know, he might've just found a delicious new taco spot in San Antonio.

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I expect a lot of fireworks on Thursday in the Alamo City -- Dejounte is just lighting the fuse a little bit early.