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3 San Antonio Spurs trades to move up in 2022 NBA Draft

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The 2022 NBA Draft is less than two weeks away, and the San Antonio Spurs are tied for the most picks of any team. Those four picks provide the team with several options, with one being consolidating their assets to maximize their returns.

That would help ensure they're getting the best prospects while also saving roster space as they head into this summer. With maximum cap space, they're expected to be active in free agency, but a lot depends on what they do in the draft first. With that in mind, let's look at three deals to move up at their various spots in the draft.

1. Spurs pull off two trades to move to 15th

With so many picks in this year's draft, the Spurs should try to combine their last two picks in a deal for one in the early 20s. The Denver Nuggets have the 21st pick and may be an option, considering they'll likely pay the luxury tax and may look to cut costs where they can. That could lead to a deal where the Spurs trade the 25th and 38th pick to the Nuggets for the 21st pick.

By moving back a few spots, the Nuggets would save money and add a high second-round pick, who they could sign to a two-way deal, possibly giving them two prospects for the price of one. The Spurs, on the other hand, would have the ninth, 20th, and 21st pick, and could use each of them, or seek out another trade.

If they go with the latter, the Spurs could use the 20th and 21st pick to try to get a pick in the teens. The Charlotte Hornets have the 13th and 15th picks, and they could add another by swapping 15 for 20 and 21. If the Hornets agree to that, then the Spurs will have the ninth and 15th picks, allowing them to add two promising young players without compromising their cap space.

Another avenue the Spurs can explore is a deal with a Texas rival, which I'll look at next.