Spurs: Robert Horry Thinks Coach Popovich Will Never Speak to Him Again

San Antonio Spurs Robert Horry
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It's becoming a regular occurrence for Robert Horry to express negative thoughts about the San Antonio Spurs and his tenure under Gregg Popovich.

From calling the Spurs the "most boringest team" to revealing why his grudge against the organization just won't go away, Horry's podcast has been the perfect outlet to unleash his inner feelings to the world. In the most recent episode of Big Shot Bob, Robert talked about how he and Coach Popovich don't have the best relationship.

In the question section of the episode, Horry was asked why he didn't wear number five in his final season with San Antonio. "Pop kept giving me DNP's, so you never saw it," said Horry.

Co-host Rob Jenners then jokes they'll need to get Coach Popovich on the show one day to answer for not playing Horry late in his career.

"Pop wouldn't dare come on this show," responded Horry. "I don't think Pop would ever speak to me again. I don't think Pop likes me."

Horry has been complimentary of Coach Popovich in the past, talking about how he tries to get to know his players (unlike Phil Jackson, as he said). Popovich also moved him with his kindness when Horry's daughter was sick in the hospital. Somewhere along the way, though, Horry thinks his outspoken nature has soured Pop's opinion of him.

"I think Pop doesn't like me because I speak my mind," continued Horry. "A lot of people get rubbed the wrong way about that."

Horry has definitely been outspoken with his podcast platform, to say the least. Along with expressing his unhappiness with how his time in San Antonio ended often, he also frequently brings up how he would've prevented Derek Fisher's 0.4 shot if he didn't listen to Popovich's defensive scheme. He mentions that in the above episode.

I have no way of knowing what's in Coach Popovich's head, but I'd be surprised if he held any kind of grudge against Horry, knowing the type of guy he is. There are many more important priorities in his life than holding something against a former player, so a situation in which he'd never talk to one again doesn't sound realistic to me. I mean, just look at this image.

San Antonio Spurs
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Horry may need to believe Coach Pop has a grudge just like he does, but I'd be very surprised if that's the case in reality.