Spurs: Robert Horry explains grudge that just won't go away

San Antonio Spurs Robert Horry
San Antonio Spurs Robert Horry / Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Robert Horry may have won two rings with the San Antonio Spurs, but you wouldn't know that based on how he's talked about the team since. Playing a key role in the 2005 title run and winning another one under Gregg Popovich in 2007, Horry is responsible for what I believe is the single most significant shot in franchise history.

While Horry still remembers his overall experience in San Antonio fondly, there always seems to be a hint of a back-handed compliment or hesitance from him when discussing the Spurs. On a recent episode of Road Trippin' with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, the seven-time champion explained why.

"When you leave the league and you feel like people have lied to you, it kind of pisses you off," started Horry. "I was at the end of my career and Pop said 'oh yeah, we're going to bring you back.' Then I'm sitting there, sitting there. Never heard back from him."

Clearly, there was a lack of communication from Coach Pop in Horry's mind, which explains a lot when you see some comments he's made since.

"At least call me back. Don't have me waiting by the phone," continued Horry. "I can respect that it's a business. But I was a little upset."

Horry has since blamed Coach Popovich for Derek Fisher's 0.4 shot, questioned Tim Duncan's work ethic, and said he'd have 10 titles if Manu Ginobili "did what he's supposed to do." He's also said Hakeem was 20 times better than Duncan, but to his credit, has cut that number in half in his latest version of the same take (which is still ridiculous, but it's just his opinion.)

The way his departure from San Antonio went "left a bad taste in his mouth," wrote the Express-News in 2016. The article went on to say he went through a post-career depression complete with quick weight gain.

Obviously, things could've ended much better between the two sides, and Horry isn't the kind of guy to let things go when he feels slighted. Given there's no way to go back now, expect the shots to keep coming from Robert every now and then.

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The way I see it, the man has won seven championships and helped the Spurs get two of their own. He still credits the organization for being world-class and has complimented Coach Popovich many times over the years. If he wants to cope with bitter feelings every now and then with his unfiltered opinions, so be it. San Antonio will be just fine.