San Antonio Spurs: Top 25 players in franchise history

By Rob Wolkenbrod
LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 3: (Left to Right) Bruce Bowen
LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 3: (Left to Right) Bruce Bowen /
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The San Antonio Spurs’ 25 greatest players in franchise history.

The San Antonio Spurs’ history is full of NBA championships and some of the greatest players to step onto a basketball court. This has been the case since the team was created in the 1960’s as the Dallas Chapparals and roamed the ABA.

Since then, the Spurs have gained more success, winning five championships through two decades and sporting some of the best big men to play in NBA history. The same goes for some of their guards, including one with a particular nickname that played in the 1970’s and 80’s.

The Spurs have had hundreds of players travel through the franchise. Who were the best of them all, however? Let’s break it down into the best 25 to wear the Silver and Black uniform.

SACRAMENTO, CA – FEBRUARY 3: Michael Finley /

25. Michael Finley

Michael Finley kicks off the list of the greatest San Antonio Spurs of all time at No. 25. He wasn’t an elite player for the franchise, with those years coming throughout the 1990’s and early-mid 2000’s for the Dallas Mavericks. That was on those Dirk Nowitzki-Steve Nash teams.

After nine years in Dallas, the Spurs signed Finley as a free agent for the 2005-06 season. He worked a sixth man role, taking a sharp role reduction, with the occasional start for the team just coming off a championship win. It was all for his 3-point shooting, which was at a 39.6 percent clip.

For the next three-and-a-half seasons, Finley was a 3-point specialist and defender for the Spurs. He worked the perimeter as a winger, taking over a starting role from 2007-09. Before that began, however, he was part of the 2007 team that won the NBA championship, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Finlay stayed consistent until his 2010 departure, which saw the Spurs waive him and get picked up for a run with the Boston Celtics, before retiring. It ended a top contributor role for him in San Antonio, where he thrived under Gregg Popovich and sacrificed in his early years to work for the team’s success.