Spurs: Ranking All 43 Players from Champion Playoff Rosters

Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan
Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan / Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
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With five NBA titles to their name, the San Antonio Spurs have made champions out of dozens of players. While many earned their keep and more, some just happened to be in the right place at the right time to sneak away with a ring despite doing virtually nothing.

For this venture, I looked at every player who played at least one minute in the NBA playoffs for the Spurs in their title-winning years to give my ultimate rankings.

For the majority of the list, I used playoff statistics, team importance, and historic moments to properly rank everyone. Other times, I just went based on my instinct and personal feeling.

Here they are, every Spur from a playoff roster on a title team, ranked from 43 to 1.

San Antonio Spurs
Austin Daye / Chris Covatta/Getty Images

43. Austin Daye

Clocking in at six total playoff minutes played and no points scored, Austin Daye won an NBA title with the Spurs in 2014. While it wasn't in the postseason, he made my list of surprising performances from a role player in February 2021.

San Antonio Spurs
Gerard King / JACQUES DEMARTHON/Getty Images

42. Gerard King

Gerard King played a grand total of 11 playoff minutes in the Spurs' first championship run in 1999. The team was 7-1 in games he showed up in that postseason. COINCIDENCE!? Yeah, probably.

San Antonio Spurs
Tony Massenburg / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

41. Tony Massenburg

Tony Massenburg had a 13-year career, seven different jersey numbers, and won one NBA title with the Spurs in 2005. While he only posted three points in his nine games played, his 11 rebounds give him a slight bump up to 41.

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Jeff Ayres / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

40. Jeff Ayres

Jeff Pendergraph, AKA Jeff Ayres, surprisingly played 65 minutes in the 2014 NBA playoffs, with his biggest contribution being an 8-point, 11-rebound Western Conference Finals series against the Oklahoma City Thunder.