San Antonio Spurs fans ratio horrific trade idea with hilarious responses

Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs
Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

With so many improvements needed on the roster, the San Antonio Spurs are likely to be involved in trade rumors all summer. While the occasional rumor will come from a reputable source, the majority of what you're likely to see over the next few months will just be smoke and mirrors or wishes from bored basketball fans.

Of course, there are certain guys on the Spurs that you'll likely see defended by fans quicker than others. A warning: when you come with an idea on Twitter, make sure it's fair to San Antonio or you're bound to hear some feedback.

One Twitter user didn't heed that advice when he decided to create a trade between the Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers for the world to see. The trade was as follows:

As any sane human being can see, the trade was so embarrassingly bad that it's hard to believe the tweet wasn't removed as insensitive content. The funniest part of the proposed trade is how the author prefaced it with the idea that the trade "could make sense."

San Antonio Spurs Twitter rallies for a common goal once again

As #SpursTwitter tends to do expertly every time, they all gathered to ratio the horrific proposal with some hilarious responses. As it stands now nine days later, the tweet currently has 80 quote tweets and just four likes.

Some fans were pretty straightforward with their thoughts on the idea.

Others exaggerated a bit but still made their point.

In one of my favorite responses, @AyeThatsHoOtie made sure the trade enthusiast wouldn't get away with what he did.

@notchefgumby tried his best to save face after the avalanche of quote tweets wouldn't stop. "In a tweet mins after I put this one up, I said I was being an idiot including Keldon. Replace Keldon with Devin Vassell," he said.

I would argue such a move is almost lateral, as Vassell has sky-high potential of his own, but hey, what do I know? Nonetheless, the damage was already done, and Spurs fans weren't about to let it go.

"I hope you get arrested," wrote @garrettwilson. "This trade should be considered a war crime," wrote @flipman65.

@spurs_four had an extreme but pretty fair solution as well.

@sirkbert perfectly summed up just what you can expect if you think of tweeting something so heavily slanted against the San Antonio Spurs.

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I highly recommend scrolling through the quote tweets of the original proposal to see more hilarious responses, because it'll be worth it. Great job as always, Spurs Twitter.